Soy Beans and Green Beans Mixed Tempura Bowl

Cook time:25 minutes Good For: Blood Pressure, Diet & Healthy, Metabolic Syndrome Key ingredients: Brown Rice, Soybeans, String Beans Calories:423 kcal
A colorful dish with anti-aging, blood pressure, and other health benefits.
Soybeans contain vitamins, calcium, iron, and minerals to help clean the blood. It has important nutrients: isoflavones, soybean saponin, and soybean lecithin. Powerful antioxidants in green veggies known as carotenoids are thought to lower levels of blood fat.


  • 900g of Brown Rice
  • 100g (3.53 oz / 0.22 lb.) of Boiled Soy Beans (to mash)
  • 100g (3.53 oz / 0.22 lb.) of Boiled Soy Beans
  • 5 String Beans
  • 1/4 Carrot
  • 60cc (2.03 fl oz) Water
  • 100g (3.53 oz / 0.22 lb.) Wheat Flour
  • Oil (Virgin olive oil 1: Cooking oil 4: Sesame oil a little)
    • Option to add
    • Tempura Sauce
    • Chopped Seaweed
    • Grated Daikon Radish
    • Grated Ginger


  • Cook up the brown rice
  • Place the boiled soybeans to plastic bag and mash by hand
  • Thinly slice string beans diagonally
  • Cut carrot fine stripe
  • In a bowl, add 60cc (2.03 fl oz) of water to dissolve100g (3.53 oz / 0.22 lb.) of wheat flour
  • Mix together the mashed soybeans, remaining soybeans, sliced string beans, and carrot
  • Heat the oil to 160℃ (320 F)
  • Lightly dropped tablespoon of mixture into 160℃ (320 F) cooking oil
  • Spread out by adding more mixture and keep it all together using chopsticks
  • Fry until light brown
  • Place on top of the rice and pour on tentsuyu (tempura sauce), and serve

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